Girl Clogs Toilet On Date Then Makes It Million Times Worse

Think of the worst first date you’ve ever been on.

What made it so terrible? Was the person rude? Did the place smell? Were you texting your friends secretly under the table begging them to ring and free you from this disaster? Well, no matter how bad it was, at least you didn’t have to start a GoFundMe afterwards like the unfortunate Liam Smyth had to do. His date with a lady who chose to stay anonymous has gone viral for the way it went and it’s fair to say they both ended up with a night they would probably rather forget.

It all started off promising when the pair went to dinner and then went back to Liam’s for some wine and a Scientology documentary. It was all going swimmingly until the women went to use the bathroom- and that is where it all went very wrong.

As Smyth described


Smyth was perfectly prepared to go and retrieve the poo, put it in the bin and forget it all happened (these things do happen to us all) but then he remembered a crucial detail about his bathroom window. Inside of going outside, there was a second window behind it which didn’t open, and when he went to look, the wrapped up poo was sitting prettily in the gap between the two windows. Here’s a picture to illustrate,


And here it is with the poo ringed in red.


This was clearly a bit of a bother.

However, Smyth’s date told him that she was an amateur gymnast and she could reach the poo and pick it up, using a plastic bag as a glove of course (she wasn’t an animal). So she tried it and success! She could reach down and grab it and so she passed the poo back. That problem was then solved… the bad news was she then got stuck.


Poor thing.

And he took a photo as well. Real gentlemanly Liam.

Smyth tried to get her out but after 15 minutes, she was still well and truly stuck. They had no choice but to call the fire brigade and, after explaining the situation, the firemen arrived in minutes to rescue the poor girl, with Liam once again taking pictures.


The girl was saved, and the firemen were thankfully understanding,

But now Liam was faced with another problem; his window was now broken, and as a postgraduate student, he didn’t have the £300 (around $400) needed to fix it. Thus he had to go on GoFundMe and explain what had happened in the hope of gaining some money.

Thankfully for him, the story went viral, and he earned, even more, money than he needed- £415! He stated that he had planned for such a scenario- if he went over, he was going to split the excess between 2 charities. One is the charity Toilet twinning that builds and maintains flushing toilets in the developing world (apparently 60% of people worldwide don’t have access to a flushing toilet) and the other is the firemen’s charity. As Liam pointed out:


Well said Liam. So it seems like some good came out of this situation after all. And as for Liam and the poor girl, maybe this could be a funny getting together story for the future? It would be hilarious to tell the kids…


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