This Girl Thought She Caught Her Classmate’s Cheating Boyfriend But There’s A Hilarious Twist

Being cheated on is emotionally devastating.

It can totally wreck a person while the person who cheats is just free from any kind of guilt. However, one thing makes it even worse. When your friends say that they have been cheating on you but don’t tip you off.


So, not only do you lose your girlfriend/boyfriend but also your friend. But then again, if your friend doesn’t have your back, they are not a good friend, are they? There are, however, some people like Rebekah that will help others even when they don’t know that person.


You see, Rebekah was in the school library when she saw something disgusting. She saw her classmate Jasmine’s boyfriend being touchy with another girl. So she decided to do what was necessary.

She texted Jasmine.


The surprising part, however, is that they weren’t even friends. They barely knew each other. But Rebekah knew she had to follow the girl code.

Hey girl, I know we don’t know each other, just been mutuals on Twitter for a little bit. I go to UTSA too. But I recognize who I think is your boyfriend in the library from all y’all’s pictures on here and he’s with a girl and he’s being kind of touchy with her.

I didn’t really know if I should message you/how to tell you but I have been full on cheated on before and girl to girl I’d want to know.

I hope this doesn’t cause you a lot of problems. I feel really bad but I just thought it’d be wrong to witness it and not say anything, you know?

Tell me if you want me to fight him. I’ll be here a while.

If they weren’t friends before, they sure are now.


However, it turns out that wasn’t Jasmine’s boyfriend.


No, Rebekah didn’t make a mistake, That was actually Jasmine’s boyfriend’s twin. Yup, so Rebekah’s eyes were fooling her. It turns out he was just with his girlfriend. And how did Jasmine knew this? Because her boyfriend was with her when this exchange happened.

Mind officially blown.


Jasmine thanked Rebekah and cleared everything up.

Her Twitter followers were quite impressed with Rebekah’s loyalty.

I hope they are.


Me too!


Everyone needs a friend like Rebekah.


That is what being a good human being is all about.

Best friends?


We females really do.

Haven’t found my Rebekah yet.


She truly does deserve a round of applause.


She was ready!

And yes, Jasmine’s boyfriend does have a twin.

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