Girl Begs Professor To Let Her Bring Her Dog To Class To Save It From Hurricane, His Response Is Heartwarming

To some people, dogs are like family.

You can’t leave them behind. It’s like letting go of your own child. If you have a pet, you have to make sure they don’t feel neglected.

Meet Jessica Lewis, who attends college in Statesboro, Georgia.

Because of Hurricane Irma, she had to evacuate to Atlanta. But she had to attend a class before leaving. The only problem was, she had to take her dog Luna with her.

So, she did what any sensible person would do. She emailed her professor!

“Dr Kennedy, my name is Jessica Lewis,” her email read. “I realize the answer to this is probably no, but I thought that you might actually be a cool enough professor to say yes, and so I figured it was worth a shot. Can I bring my dog to class today?”


Taking Luna with her was very crucial. So she had to ask, because she had no other choice.

You’ll never guess how the professor responded:

“He loved having her and had no complaints at all,” Jessica told the Dodo. “He was wonderful about it”

Luna was on her best behaviour.

Well, not the entire time. But she’s too loveable to ignore.

Luna “Just walked around and got pets from everyone and made friends”, said Jessica.

After the class, they safely evacuated to Atlanta. Bless them!

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