Girl Asks Guests For $1000 Cash For Her Wedding And The Internet Is Not Happy With It

Who doesn’t want a dream wedding?

Many people want a wedding that makes them feel like a King or Queen. And there is nothing wrong with that if you have the money. But if you want a full ‘blown-out’ wedding, you can’t expect people to pay for YOUR wedding.

I would never pay for someone’s wedding. I’d instead save it for my college fee or whatever. And I can get that weddings can get pretty distressful. However, that is no excuse for how this ‘bride’ acted. To put it mildly, she might be the pettiest and most entitled person I have ever seen.

So today we are going to hear the story of one ’emotionally distressed’ bride that wanted nothing other than a grand from each wedding guest. No, I am not making this up. So scroll down below and enjoy.

Source: Twitter

This is the twitter user who posted this.


And so the story starts.

I can just tell that this is going to be good.

I can honestly hear the entitlement in her voice.

So she really started from the beginning? Well, we have a long ride ahead of us.

$15k and you want a blow-out wedding? What the heck!?

I get that you SPECIFICALLY asked for cash gifts. But how can you expect people to pay that much?

I’m surprised that even eight people replied.

Why would people fund this lady?

She really is quite dramatic huh?

At least her ex had some sense knocked into him.

I would have done the same.

Oh, so you’re tired of asking everyone for money?

Exactly my reaction!

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Many people have since noticed this status including Chrissy Teigen.

Even Michael Mckean wanted to know more.

True, I’d love to be in this group.

She probably doesn’t even care since her child wasn’t giving her $1500.

You accept what you get with a smile.


Ahh yes.

Why does everyone want to be a Kardashian?

I don’t know about you, but my mind is completely blown!

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