Gillette Under Fire For Hiring Famous Model For Their New Ad And Internet Is Not Holding Back


While every Health & Beauty brand tries to get the best models for their photo shoots, the definition for the “best” varies for a lot of people.

Gillette made an unexpected move, and it backfired. Gillette hired a famous model for their new advertisement, but things weren’t just as mainstream as they always are. The model was on the healthier side of the human body in terms of body shape. But, people on the internet lost their minds over it.

Honestly, this isn’t a bad thing as everyone has a heart and deserves appreciation when they feel they look good.

Do overweight people not have feelings? Do they not want to look good? Do they not want to be comfortably appreciated on their doings?

I feel that confronting someone’s looks because of their weight is more than just wrong. I’ll always teach my children to condemn this act. The thing is that I believe that even with good looks and a beautiful body, people with wicked hearts appear to be ugly, and vice versa.

Scroll down and check it out for yourself.

This is Anna.


Anna runs an online blog called Glitter + Lazers. She also has over 318k Instagram and close to 100k Youtube followers. She is more than that.

Her website states some of her sayings,

“If I review something positively- it’s because I actually like it. I might be provided goods or in some case ever paid to try out and experiment with a product, but every collaboration comes with the caveat- I will write what I believe. I blame this on the bad case of ethics and morals I was born with.” – Anna



“I’m also an accomplished global speaker- having presented in over 10 countries,” – Anna

“I’ve graced the stage at events such as SXSW, Adweek, Social Media Week, emetrics, M2C and more. I’m known for creating a candid and captivating presentation style and my ability to transform difficult concepts into executable steps.” – Anna

Gillette hired her for their new advertisement.

Also, Gillette had something else to say.

“No one way to have beautiful skin or to show it off,” – Gillette Venus

“Venus stands with all women who right the rules.” – Gillette Venus.

Some people on the internet just didn’t like this idea very much, and I don’t even know why.

This is just pathetic!

This is offensive.

They think it’s “unhealthy”.

Things got worse. This move by Gillette caused a flared up discussion linking to eating disorders. Well, I think that’s a separate issue and has nothing to do with this advertisement.

Thank god there were some people to defend Anna.

I can breathe again, finally!

I feel warm too.

Someone posted a poll on Twitter about this advertisement. Tbh, I’m not happy with the results.

Internet Historian

If you ask me for my views on this case, I think it’s normal to hire such a gorgeous model.

What do you think? Let us know in the comments below.

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