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These Giant Predecessors Of Cute Little Fur Balls Are Both Scary And Hilarious.

These Giant Predecessors Of Cute Little Fur Balls Are Both Scary And Hilarious.

Many of you must be fond of your cute little cat. The thought of a cat may put a smile on your face or would make you want to cuddle it, but it scarcely would scare the shit of out of you. Imagine, however, that your cute little cat grows up the size of a dinosaur. Those large, soulful eyes won’t be so adorable anymore.

If you are not sure about the idea, wait till you see some giant cats in your favourite Jurassic park franchise. Meet the giant predecessors of now, cute little fur balls and decide if they are scarier than those inhabitant reptiles of Jurassic park.

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#1 How dare you to enter my territory, you puny human?

#2 Here comes the love.

#3 Ever seen cats hatching out of a dinosaur’s egg?

#4 Why didn’t you feed me in time?!

#5 “Furry” hunt squad.

#6 Looks like a Monday morning.

#7 It must be hard to domesticate this big cat.

#8 These cats just spotted the perfect thing to play with.

#9 Now that’s fur ball to cuddle with.

#10 Don’t worry we just want to play.

#11 Cats love crystal balls.

#12 Wake up, the cats are coming!

#13 A giant fur ball.

#14 One hug at a time!

#15 Who messed with my cute little kitten?

#16 Run, human. Run!

#17 This big cat loves shark food.

#18  You lot ain’t going anywhere till I get my good night kiss.

#19 Your boyfriend asked me to keep an eye on you.

#20 You treat my cat with respect!

#21 We are not cute anymore, don’t you dare pet us.

Which one of these giant cats is your favorite? Which ones scare you the most? Would you still pet them? Share your thoughts in the comments below.


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