This Genius Guy Lands 10 Job Interviews By Sending His Resume In The Most Creative Way Ever

I am so doing this in the future!

Everybody knows how difficult it is to find yourself an interview and better yet, a job. This guy has come up with such a creative idea that it will blow your minds away.

Meet Lukas Yla, the world’s next marketing genius. He is originally from Lithuania and is trying to get into the competitive marketing industry. That, too, by doing something entirely brilliant for solving all his problems, and he has the internet buzzing over it!

Source: Facebook | Lukas Yla 
Source: Facebook | Lukas Yla

Yes, we all absolutely love donuts. But what if we got a little extra surprise with our donuts? That’s right. Yla impersonates a postmates delivery guy who delivers scrumptious donuts to job recruiters. And not just that, included inside the box is Yla’s resume with a very special note. Check it out.

Twitter | Lukas Yla 
Twitter | Lukas Yla

The inside of the box reads as follows:

This delivery is not a mistake. I pretended to be a Postmates delivery guy to ensure my resume was delivered to you personally

And this is what Yla has to say about his ‘oh so brilliant idea.’

I had 10 interviews so far. Recruiters, marketing pros and people in general love this kind of approach, it’s something you didn’t expect, fun and out of the box.

Facebook | Lukar Yla
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