10+ Genius AF Parenting Hacks That Are Surely Going To Make Your Life Easier As A Parent

Parenting may come naturally for some. But, for some, no matter how many books, parenting forums and articles you read, nothing can completely prepare you for becoming a parent. Well, you’re in luck. These parenting hacks are sure to make your life a little bit easier. This one is for all you parents out there! Who doesn’t need a little help with the kids? These tips and tricks are worth their weight in gold!

Here are 10+ genius AF hacks that are surely going to make your life easier as a parent:

1. A genius idea to stop car fights!

Jake White

2. It’s Pepsi, not medicine.


3. This is genius!


4. Best way to keep your toddler busy – let them paint the fence with water.


5. Keeping the sand out.

Team Johnson

6. Recycle an old cot as a work or craft spot for your kids.


7. Not many kids would look inside a bag of beans for chocolate.

8. Fill a glove with beans for times when you’re too tired to give your child love.


9. Leave your kids in an empty box to be creative.


10. The best way to teach time management.

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