Gay Teen Comes Out By Using A Hidden Secret Message In Her Senior Quote & We’re Impressed

When it comes to leaving senior quotes in the yearbook, you must be careful what you write because that impression of yours is going to stay forever.

For instance, a majority of them would write inspirational stuff, pieces of advice or might even copy somebody, but if you are witty and wise enough, you can write something of your own. So basically, if you are going to write something of your own, there are two scenarios.

First is, everyone will be impressed by you, and you will become a living legend. While the second one is, of course, you will become a laughing stock for the rest of your life. It is indeed a risk, but risks should be taken.

And that’s exactly what Krysta Montoya thought while writing something of her own inside the yearbook which made her a legend! Before proceeding, let me tell you that Krysta is a high school senior from Albuquerque.

Okay, so she just gave a reference from Grey’s Anatomy.

But how did that get her famous!? Calm down; you don’t have to google it because she posted it on Twitter herself.

“I was just watching ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ one day and I saw that quote and I wanted to make it my senior quote,” she told Insider. ” “I chose this as my quote because I feel some people do not accept who I am. I just wanted to basically make a bold statement. I’ve lost some friends over my sexuality, but my family has always supported me.”

Twitter got mad over it!

Hell yeah!

I would second that.

That expression though.

So, folks, that’s how you must become a legend. Risks are to be taken. Have you ever taken any? What was your senior quote? Share with us in the comments below.

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