Gay Guy Explains Double Standards Only Women Experience & His Perspective Makes So Much Sense

Why is it that so many men care about what we wear?

Even if a woman is wearing ‘revealing’ clothes. It isn’t hurting anybody. She isn’t going around and literally ‘asking for it’, is she? Men get to wear whatever they want, they can go on a run shirtless, and nobody bats an eye, but when a woman goes out for a run in a sports bra, men are staring and commenting left and right.

And when a woman gets assaulted, most people just blame the victim. I mean, ‘who told her to wear that tight dress in the club? It’s her fault really’. It is the assailant’s fault. No matter what the woman was wearing.

And this is exactly what this Twitter user had to say. So scroll on below and take a look as he tried to enlighten many people.

Source: Twitter

It’s prevalent where I live.

It is insane, but nobody seems to think so.

Nobody has the right to dictate what anyone wants to wear.

Even though a man’s arousal is his own problem.

Clothes do not equal worth.

This statement has been hammered into me all my life.

Like it is the woman’s fault!

Many people seem to think it does.

Wish more people would see it like that.

Because nobody should be able to.

And yet so many men demand it from the woman.

Because it sounds ridiculous right?

As to be expected.

The responsibility is not on others.

Makes sense right?


Hopefully, people can learn from this.

Just take responsibility for your own arousal!

Rape culture indeed.

Your daughters are certainly lucky.

Wear whatever you want.

As you can imagine, people had a lot to say about the tweets.

Hopefully, many people do.

You can never make people happy.

Keep going.

Many people have learned from this.

And hopefully, this will happen.

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