Gay Man Shares His Story Of How He Was Turned Down From Adopting A Rescue Cat And Things Take Huge Turn

Imagine being differently treated over your sexual preferences. Sounds unreal, doesn’t it? Well, it’s not.

You see, homophobia, discrimination and all other things of this nature are everywhere in our society even today. No one really admits to it, but people actually do treat others differently based on their beliefs, preferences and their personal life choices.

Take a look at this UK-based Actor for example. He wanted to adopt a cat, but he was refused because of his sexuality.

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Source: Twitter

Meet Alex Andreou, the UK-based Actor and Writer.

And here’s how Alex was turned down from adopting a cat.

The refusal was entirely based on an irrelevant personal choice.

It is hurtful to see the kind of society we live in.

While some people showed him love, there were also those who criticised.

However, soon things changed.

This seems like a good way of getting back at someone who’s giving you hate for no reason.

But things were more complicated than what they seemed to be.

The person giving away the cats was reluctant towards everything in a very unusual way.

On the other hand…

Sadly, this is true.

Anyway so, Alex finally responded and I think no one else could’ve done it better.

But that’s not the end yet.

It sounds like a scam, doesn’t it?

That’s suspicious.

She got what she deserved!

Now it’s time to adopt some kittens!

Location details.

Also, he’s single!

There we go.


George and Freddie.

Kindness wins!

Look at these two. Aren’t they lovely?

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