Gay Man Makes A Remarkably Convincing Point On How Not To Dictate Women Over Their Dressing & Modesty

It’s not just the women raising their voices on feminism.

That’s right. A gay man is standing up for, you can say, women’s rights.

Women have always been treated somewhat inferior to men and not to mention, BY men. There is something called discrimination. But it is so widely happening around us that we don’t even notice it anymore. How one conducts his behavior towards other people based on their sexuality or gender is very important as it has a huge effect on the other person’s personality and moreover their image in the outside world.

Josh Weed, a gay man posted numerous tweets on his account last year to make us understand the rights of women and how their dressing has nothing to do with a guy turning on.

This is Josh Weed’s tweet on how the society treats women and we are so totally here for this. Just read on…

In other words they need to dress according to how the society wants them to dress.

…tempts you? Provokes you? Arouses you?

There we go. No self-control over yourself?

That’s not even the half of it!

Yes, women are really worth nothing if they reveal certain parts of their bodies, right?

Just because men can’t control their hormones, why does it always have to be a woman’s fault?

If only people could understand it.

Too big of a responsibility, don’t you think?

A hint of common sense and a pinch of logic.

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