Gay Couple’s Photo Was Stolen From Twitter Account & Their Response Is Hilariously Amazing

A twitter account stole this gay couple’s photo, and they had the most hilarious response to it.


Alexa Wills, 17 and her girlfriend Noemi, 19 live in Austin, Texas. And the two have been together for over a year.

In an interview, Alexa told BuzzFeed News, “Ever since I first met her, I fell in love. And I know this girl is the one for me.”


In April, the two ordered personalized debit cards for themselves with their photos on them. “So we always think about each other’s needs when it comes to spending our money,” Alexa said.

The photo of the cards went viral soon after Noemi tweeted it. With many calling it “goals” and “the cutest shit I’ve ever seen.”

Popular Twitter account @Relationship — which frequently re-posts viral tweets stole Noemi’s tweet without attribution.

Twitter: @Relationship

However, there was a tiny bit alteration to it.

Twitter: @Relationship

They changed “gf” to “bf”, like it’s no big deal. And people on Twitter weren’t taking any of this shit.

@pastelpinkphan / Via Twitter: @pastelpinkphan
@wxsuremono / Via Twitter: @wxsuremono


@Katy33055970 / Via Twitter: @Katy33055970

Alexa found out through a tweet she was tagged in, and it was upsetting because Twitter accounts “are so heteronormative and couldn’t take into consideration it was two girls.”


It was about time she set the record straight.

Twitter: @lexababy_

And people on twitter dragged the hell out of @Relationship.


Many fired back.


Even though @Relationship still hasn’t responded to Alexa’s correction. She had a little something to say to the account owner.

“[It’s] very sad to know people don’t consider that there ARE gay couples, and it was obvious it was two girls,” she said.
“I would ask the owner of the account why they thought changing it to boyfriend was so important,” she said. “And what did they think they would get out of it?”

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