10+ Comics About Gay Couple’s Everyday Life That Will Make You Feel The Love In The Air

Meet Robin and Julien.

They are a fictional gay couple made by the artist Wonsun Jin from Australia who goes by Small World and they are out to conquer everyone’s hearts. While purely fictional, these characters are adorable and will make you gush.

Robin is a 17-year-old with pink hair, who likes pizza, video games, and TV, whereas Julien is a 19-year-old with blue hair, who likes sports, fitness and is super spontaneous. They’re very different from each other, but they are absolutely adorable together.

Source: webtoons.com | patreon.com | youtube.com | Instagram

#1 Sixteen years later.

#2 Needing a recharge.

#3 The bad boy make-over.

#4 Shirt made out of boyfriend material.

#5 A week vs two years.

#6 Hiding the secret room.

#7 Chopsticks.

#8 Stubborn jackets.

#9 Coughing means emergency hospital visit, stat.

#10 Cuddling because of a nightmare.

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