Gamestop Employees Share Hilarious Reactions Of Parents And Kids When They Tell Them A Game Is Rated M

Who doesn’t want to play GTA games?

I mean, I don’t blame these kids since I used to play GTA games when I shouldn’t have been playing them. And it is not only GTA games. Parents like to think that games are for kids but more and more people are learning that many games are made for mature audiences, meaning 18+

But what do you do when your kid wants a game and you don’t know it is rated M? Well, you go to a Gamestop and either learn something new or yell at the manager there because why the heck not?

That is why some Gamestop employees decided to share their own experience with us. So scroll on below and take a look.

Source: Reddit

So what he is saying is that there weren’t many employees at the time.

Okay, I can kind of see where this is going. In her defense, kids can be quite deceiving.

Bet that was a big surprise for her and she probably did not see that coming.

Why do so many people demand to speak to the manager?

Wait, what!? Did she bought it or something? Well, at least she found out the truth.

“It’s only boobies!” Definitely love that line!

Good on the parent for saying no, but the kid should be ashamed.

Do you have any of your own stories to tell? If so, why not comment down below and let us know?

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