This Gamer’s Girlfriend Gave Him An Ultimatum For Playing Games So He Dumped Her Savagely

Ultimatums can be a tricky thing. Especially, if you’re from the generation of avid gamers. And this guy got so tired of being nagged by his girlfriend while playing video games. He decided that It was time to put his foot down!

His girlfriend just couldn’t stand the fact of him playing video games with his nerd friends online.

In fact, her hostility reeked from far!


But, for this guy the road ahead was clear.




It takes some guts to break up with your girlfriend. Even more guts to break up over not being able to play video games in peace. And this kind of savagery can only be encapsulated by one gif only.

Here’s how Twitter reacted to the whole act of savagery:

While some were just grateful….


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