Game Of Thrones Fan Theory Just Got A Big Change

The prophecy of Azor Ahai or “The prince that is promised” just got a major twist

The prophecy states that among the followers of the Lord of Light in the Seven Kingdoms, a hero will emerge singing the song of ice and fire. And that’s the name of the entire Game of Thrones saga!

HBO Game Of Thrones

Previously, we all assumed that Azor Ahai was Jon Snow

And for those that don’t know the prophecy, it’s that many years ago, a hero fought the darkness and died. Melisandre will resurrect the Lord of Light, the Azor Ahai, the prince that is promised, and guess who she brought back?

Jon Snow!

HBO Game Of Thrones

However, there was a huge, huge change with episode two of season seven

In the first meeting between ​Melisandre and Daenerys ever, the legend of Azor Ahai was reiterated. It was here that someone thought to point out that the language Melisandre speaks in often is High Valerian. And in that language, the word “prince” is genderless, so it could as easily refer to a princess.

HBO Game Of Thrones

But in the past, she just spoke in English

So Team Daenerys might be just overthinking or being overzealous about it all. Since she always referred to Azor Ahai as a prince rather than a princess.

HBO Game Of Thrones

People even suspect Bran Stark to be Azor Ahai

But given this new revelation, people are polarised. Who is it? What and how are they going to appear? I’m so ecstatic of the next episode!

What do you think? Is it Bran, Daenerys, Snow? Arya even?

HBO Game Of Thrones
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