Artist Revamped The Game Of Thrones Ladies As Hot Pin-up Girls & We’re Here For It

GOT fans are waiting for the next season with bated breath.

As it turns out, we are going to have to hold that breath for quite a long time because the final season isn’t going to air anytime soon. So today, we are here to fill the hole that GOT left in our hearts or at least part of it.

While it is quite apparent that most women in GOT are beautiful and powerful, one artist wanted to take them a little bit further. So yes, he revamped them as pin-up girls. Andrew Tarusov’s is Rybinsk-born and is an LA-based artist.

He re-imagined the women of Westeros like you’ve never seen them before. The results are quite amazing and surprising.

#1 Arya.

#2 Ygritte.

#3 Walda.

#4 Tyene.

#5 Talisa.

#6 Shae.

#7 Sansa.

#8 Ros.

#9 Myranda.

#10 Missandei.

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