Game Of Thrones Just Had Its First Gruesome Death This Season, Here’s Who Went That Brutally

Game Of Thrones Is Back!

This article contains spoilers for season 7 episode 2.

I know what all of us were thinking when we look back at the season premiere of Game of Thrones. Why did no one die? Don’t get me wrong, some people did meet their end but they were only minor and we all saw it coming. I don’t want my favourite characters to die, but Game of Thrones has a way of going through characters like chips.

Well, whatever your thoughts, in this episode, there were some major deaths. To be completely honest though, I am not sad to see these people go. You wanna know who I’m talking about?

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Remember the sand snakes, especially Obara and Nymeria?

No? Well I don’t blame you. They are unforgettable people. Well how about the two girls who seized the house Martell. Yes, I am talking about the girl who put a spear through Trystane Martell.

The whole Dorne storyline also did irritate a lot of people. So what do you do with characters you want to get rid of? You give them ironic death, of course.

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Now, lets add Euron Greyjoy to the mix.

He primarily wanted his niece and nephew dead or at least take them as prisoner. We are not sure about Yara Greyjoy. But Theon did manage to escape or flee .

What did he do next? Well, he killed Obara with her choice of weapon, a spear. Nymeria Sand met the same end as she was strangled by the whip. Glorious.


Even if you disagree with how brutal their deaths were

You have to admit it was amazing to see them finally dead. You might have even forgotten that these characters existed. We don’t blame you. The sand snakes was the weakest storyline even though it was shot in a beautiful place.


Who do you think is going to meet their end next? Is Yara really dead or was she captured? Comment on below with your thoughts.

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