Woman Makes A List Of Game Thrones Cast As Actors Of Color And They’re All Spot On

There are not many black people in Game Of Thrones.

The one person who comes to mind immediately is Missandei, and we know her fate. Other than that, there aren’t any black main characters. I can understand that the show creators want to stay true to the books but what harm in a little fun?

And the way things are going and how people are enraged because of the last episode, we might just get a new Game Of Thrones with completely new actors. (I’m only kidding..somewhat)

Anyway, one Twitter user decided to remedy this problem and cast every character as black. In my opinion, some of these work very well, while some don’t. So scroll on below and take a look.

Source: Twitter

And so it begins.

#1 Amandla as Arya Stark.

#2 Angela as Catelyn Stark.

#3 Lakeith as Robb Stark.

#4 Denzel as Eddard Stark.

#5 Yara as Sansa Stark.

#6 Jaden as Bran Stark.

#7 Chadwick as Jon Snow.

#8 Daniel as Theon Greyjoy.

#9 Kerry as Cersei Lannister.

#10 Edris Elba as Jaime Lannister.

#11 Keith as Tywin Lannister.

#12 Chiwetel as Tyrion Lannister.

#13 Bryshere as Joffrey Baratheon.

#14 Tessa as Daenerys Targaryean.

#15 Mahershala as Ser Jorah Mormont.

#16 Jeffrey as Varys.

#17 Giancarlo as Little Finger.

#18 John as Gendry.

#19 Tracee as Lyssa Arryn.

#20 Zoe as Margery Tyrell.

#21 Lupita as Melisandre.

#22 Leslie as Brienne of Tarth.

#23 Winston as Tormund Giantsbane.

#24 Marsai as Lyanna Mormont.

#25 Michael as Ser Bronn.

#26 Letitia as Meera Reed.

#27 Freema as Ygritte.

#28 Djimon as Mad King Aerys.

#29 Sterling as The Night King.

Would you ever watch the show with this casting? Which actor do you think suits its GOT character the best? Comment down below and let us know.

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