Artist Illustrate The Funny Side Of Everyday Life With Her Boyfriend & It’s Hilariously Accurate

Putting pen to paper is how it all started for this 26-year-old artist from Denmark.

One fine day, Julie found herself with the burning desire to make comics about her everyday life and she published them on her instagram, in your face cake. It was very important for her for the world to see her artistic expertise.

“I make comics about my everyday life, because it’s more fun when the internet can laugh at you instead of doing it alone.”

Here’s a comic series of the funny side of everyday life with her boyfriend and it’s hilarious!

Source: Instagram 

1. Conversations over lunch be like…

2. Little rays of happiness!

3. Nice.

4. Two minutes.

5. Cold hands.

6. Girl talk!

7. Lady.

8. Yawn!

9. He’s coming over later.

10. Can I have some cover?

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