10+ Most Hilarious Comics About The Truth Which Lies Within Different Situations

Comic artists have a world of their own. They visualize emotions and experiences in an interesting way. They have their own explanations about where your missing socks went, what anxiety looks like and the things that could go wrong when you’re fishing for compliments.

Recently the works of an emerging comic illustrator going by Fun Fact Comics has caught our eye. The guy is a 29-year-old architect who has had a passion for comics since childhood. He let go of the dream when he went to study architecture. But now he’s gone back to pick up his hobby.

The man has stated,

“I’ve been doodling for as long as I can remember, when I was a child I usually woke up before my family so I could start drawing”. Explaining the reason for starting a dedicated project he said, “For a long time, I’d been longing for an artistic project without any boundaries. I was thinking about writing a book, or maybe make an animation or game. The problem has always been that I haven’t had the time or energy for bigger projects like that

My comics were named Fun Fact Comics because my first idea was to make single panel comics that always started with the words “fun fact:”, so far I’ve made one. One. That’s a testament to my attention span”

Now the guy is truly grateful for the all the attention his work is getting, “I’m incredibly grateful for all the attention my comics has been getting these last couple of weeks. It feels absolutely unbelievable. Now go do something creative, for the sake of silliness!”

Well we are truly grateful for the awesome work he is doing and would like to share a hand-picked list of some of his best works.

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