17 Frightening Pixar Moments That Freaked You The Hell Out

Pixar is known for tear jerking moments

The whole of Up is overshadowed by the fact that ELLIE DIED. And the whole of the Toy Story fan base cried when they almost got incinerated in the third movie.

But at some parts, things are just crazy levels of messed up. They freak you out. Like, for example, in Cars, if the “humans” are all automobiles, aren’t junkyards just gigantic piles of body parts?

That’s just freaky.

In fact, here’s a list of quality “WTF PIXAR” moments.

#1 Mater lived in a junkyard. It’s the equivalent of human body parts laid out in piles.

Pixar || Cars

#2 The toys felt everything that Sid did to them.

Pixar || Toy Story

#3 Ellie had a miscarriage in Up

Pixar || Up

#4 And then she got sick and died

Pixar || Up

#5 Sully thought Boo got crushed and compacted into a block.

Pixar || Monsters Inc.

#6 Wall-E was left all alone cleaning up humanity’s mess and all he wanted was someone to love.

Pixar || Wall-E

#7 All the dead rats on display when the lightning struck in Ratatouille

Pixar || Ratatouille

#8 When Jesse did all of those acrobats, Buzz’s wings popped out. Signifying him getting “erect”

Pixar || Toy Story 2

#9 ¬†When the Barracuda ate Marlin’s 400 children

Pixar || Finding Nemo

#10 Edna Mode showed all the people that died because of capes

Pixar || The Incredibles

#11 When the big scary bird fed Chopper to its demon babies

Pixar || A Bug’s Life

#12 Jesse’s entire backstory

Pixar || Toy Story 2

#13 Bing Bong sacrificing himself to save Joy so Riley could be happy.

Pixar || Inside out

#14 Boo is helpless and trapped as a machine tries to steal her screams

Pixar || Monsters Inc.

#15 When Auto revealed that he would trap humanity upon the Axiom in the coldness of space forever.

Pixar || Wall-E

#16 Mr Incredible had to watch Syndrome blow up his family and thought they died.

Pixar || The Incredibles

#17 When they got closer and closer to the furnace and just gave up, held hands, and accepted their death.

Pixar || Toy Story 3

Wtf, Pixar. Why do you do this to us?

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