A peculiar detail on this ‘Friends’ DVD cover has Twitter exploding with conspiracy theories.

Friends is beyond popular

Or, at least was, back in the 90s. Since then, like all good things, it came to an end, but for many, it will never be replaced. Recently, a twitter used by the name of Ted Fox (such a cool name), asked a question. He was looking at covers when he noticed a peculiar little detail. Of all the people on the cover, only Rachel had her eyes open.

So what gives?


And because it’s the internet, which is arguably a massive fan of Friends, his question got answered considerably


From one theory to another, they got more and more adventurous

It’s that one episode with the thing

The one where they do the thing and the thing happens

But most, like myself, couldn’t stop thinking about Ross

It’s all those damn lobsters’ fault

But it might be because of his big spoon

It’s all actually because Rachel is woke af

Maybe it was a coincidence?

But then we have an actual, plausible, considerable theory

What do you think?

Are they grasping at straws, is there a secret meaning, or was it just a coincidence? Maybe they just got tired of being friends </3

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