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How Much Coffee Did Everyone In "Friends" End Up Drinking?

How Much Coffee Did Everyone In “Friends” End Up Drinking?

  • By Aneeb
  • July 6, 2017
  • 3 minutes read

Friends is a very popular show.

If you are ever stressed or just feeling down, just watch a random episode, and you’ll will cheer up in no time!

Six friends live in New York; Chandler, Joey, Monica, Phoebe, Ross and Rachel. They’re always hanging out at Central Perk, a coffee spot.

The coffee house is the go-to spot for them. The six of them are always there, sitting on the couch.


Eventful and hilarious, the show is iconic and memorable.


It had scenes from all walks of life, from breakups….


To  makeups…


And even fights and angst!


A total of 236 episodes were spent in the coffee house!

And you don’t just sit in there, you drink coffee. So how much coffee did they drink? Spoiler alert: a lot.


Don’t bother doing the math, someone already did it for us!

Kit Lovelace has proved that Phoebe has drank 227 cups of coffee, topping up the list!


Kit Lovelace has also narrowed the numbers down by cups consumed per season.

Turns out that the number gradually decreases as the show nears it’s end except for Rachel, who had a kid in Season 10 and consumed more coffee. Rachel’s line falls down as she gets a full-time job.

So the math’s done. Well, no, not yet.

How much did this all cost? Lovelace has the math here too! A* Maths huh?

Kit Lovelace

Using simple math skills, Lovelace has found out that the six friends have spent nearly $2000 on coffee over 10 years.

Pretty low but numbers don’t lie.

Kit Lovelace 

Lovelace has confirmed that even the tip is real!


You’re probably wondering how Lovelace did all the math?

Turns out she actually went through every one of the 236 episodes and sneaked in on the Coffee House moments.

However, Lovelace admits that assumptions like for Phoebe were made but in the end, it all adds up.

Just thank Lovelace in the end, who actually was attentive in those boring Math classes. Keep it up, we’re proud of you!


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