This Was What Was Inside Frida Kahlo’s Wardrobe, Opened After 50 Years.

Painting is a metaphor for control

Klaus Mikaelson


Whether it’s coping with pain or trying to control your emotions, art is the best and most productive way to let go of your agony.

Mexican painter, Frida Kahlo, did just this as she was on her road to success. She was well known for her art, political views, and her charming personality before her death in 1954. However, the world did not get to see her fabulous wardrobe as her husband decided to lock it in their bathroom after her death.

However, in 2004, 15 years after her husband’s death, the museum decided to display her creative wardrobe to the world. Photographer Ishiuchi Miyako had the honour of capturing all her things, and he did this simply by using a 35mm Nikon camera and natural light.

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#1 Kahlo’s Earrings

Ishiuchi Miyako


#2 Her Prosthetic Leg

Ishiuchi Miyako

Kahlo designed her own prosthetic leg, adding red lace-up boots to it. She lost her leg in 1953. It even has a tiny bell attached to it.


#3 Cats-Eye Glasses

Ishiuchi Miyako


#4 Kahlo’s Outfits

Ishiuchi Miyako

Kahlo’s dresses started showing more detail as her pain began to increase.


#5 Traditional Tajuana Dress

Ishiuchi Miyako

Her left leg was thinner than her right leg. So, she wore long dresses to conceal it.

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