Mom Tries To Pass Off ‘Free Ice-Cream And Fun’ As Payment For A Babysitter

If only we could live off “fun.”

It would be so easy to make a living, but we need money to survive. However, this mother apparently did not get the memo, and rather than paying the babysitter for the work she did, this mother decided to say that ‘free ice-cream and fun’ is all the payment this girl would need.

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Yes, of course, she can obviously buy her textbooks with fun right? I understand that being a parent can be hard and we don’t know what a person’s financial position may be, but she promised beforehand to pay the babysitter $16.

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The babysitter, however, wasn’t about to let her get away with it. So, she showed her the text messages. Following is how the mother responded.

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Misinterpretation? You work, you get paid. It’s that simple!

In this day and age, once you send something out, it is there forever.

Wait, asking for your well-earned payment is seen as stuck-up? Wow.

She even said please, but this mother also blocked her after calling her a c*nt.

We don’t have an update, but it seems this mother did get away with stealing. I honestly cannot believe that people do this. So it is quite clear that this babysitter is a 100$ short. I really hope that she doesn’t meet any more stingy people like this.

She probably should go to a small claims court so the mother would have to pay all the expenses minus the ice-cream of course.

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