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10+ Unseen Pictures Of Freddie Mercury And His Boyfriend That'll Leave You Speechless

10+ Unseen Pictures Of Freddie Mercury And His Boyfriend That’ll Leave You Speechless

Freddie Mercury was a hero in life and is a legend in death.

A gay icon for the LGBT community, and a rockstar for the music community. No matter who believes what, Mercury was an incredibly vital piece of history. While he kept most of his relationships and his sexuality a secret, he still, of course, engaged in healthy relationships.

His last and final one was with Jim Hutton.

Hutton was approached by Mercury twice but turned down his advances both times. But since he’s persistent as all hell, two years after their initial meeting, Mercury approached him again. And this time, his charm and flair won Hutton over.

Even when Mercury was dying of AIDS, the pair were inseparable. The lead singer for Queen even gave him a way¬†out, Hutton was adamant to stay. In a documentary about his death, he said his response was no, and his exact words were “I love you, Freddie. I’m not going anywhere.”

And he didn’t. The hairdresser stayed by him until he passed.

Decades later, even if we haven’t personally seen them, we’ve all experienced them through his music. And these photos sneak a peek into the intimate and secretive life of the rock star.

#1 Freddie, Jim, and their cat, Mae.

#2 Secretive but intimate

#3 They were a family.

#4 Openly mocked, they kept their lives hidden but comfortable.

#5 Jim passed seven years ago, in 2010.

#6 They even idolised each other.

#7 You can tell because they have the same haircut.

#8 As well as the same moustache.

#9 What’s a relationship without a little bit of playfulness?

#10 It’s just so normal looking, the photographs.

#11 You’d expect the rock star to be lying naked in gigantic piles of money, but he’s just wearing an ugly Christmas sweater like the rest of us.

#12 Maybe that’s why people loved him so much.

#13 Because he was charming, kind, and above all, relateable.

#14 It’s why his legacy lives on, despite his death.

#15 For better or worse, Freddie Mercury changed the world.

#16 And those two really were the champions

#17 When he promised to rock us, he wasn’t kidding.

#18 Because his life shifted how the world moved.

#19 But his death put everyone into a spin.

#20 Freddie Mercury was diagnosed with AIDs.

#21 The diagnosis was done in 1987

#22 However, he didn’t tell anyone, despite rumours, till later.

#23 On the 22nd of November, he issued a public address and told everyone his condition.

#24 It was the first time the rumours were confirmed.

#25 He died on 23rd November 1991, less than 24 hours after confirming the truth.

Image source: Vintage Everyday

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