10+ Times Fortune Cookie Fortunes Were As Unhelpful As Possible

Do Fortune Cookies Really Tell The Future?

Honestly, I don’t think so, but who knows? Things can sometimes turn out very surprising. Whatever your thoughts on the subject matter, the predictions in these cookies can be very eerie sometimes. While other times they are as unhelpful as possible.

Today we will be exploring fortune cookies of the latter variety. Now I am not saying that some of these are not true. But they could have gone about it more nicely.

Some of these even make their political alignment very clear. Still, don’t know how I feel about that though. However, These fortune cookies do not lack sass so get ready for an amazing but bumpy ride.

#1 ‘Because Who Wants To Go To College?’

#2 I Think It Is Just Trying To Say ‘Try Real Hard Okay?’

#3 This Seems Like Sound Advice To Me Unless The Individual Is Allergic.

#4 ‘Really? You Don’t Say!’

#5 I Can’t Even Spin That Statement In A Nicer Way.

#6 Doesn’t Seem Like Great Advice To Me.

#7 Well, That Is Just Disappointing.

#8 Either I Am Blind, Or They Are Invisible.

#9 No Way! I Never Even Knew That!

#10 This Seems Like Good Advice.

#11 Nothing New Here.

#12 Don’t Know If I Am Happy Or Sad To Hear That.


#13 The Fortune Cookies Are Getting Deep Now.

#14 Well, Thank You For The Reminder.


#15 You Have To Face The Hard Truth!

#16 I Don’t Know About That Guys.

#17 No Need To Worry, I Am Standing Right By The Door.

#18 We Have Got Some Real Sass Now!

#19 Should I Stop My Accountants Degree Now?

#20 Now, To End With Some Political Drama.

What did you think of the above fortune cookies? Have you had these kinds of fortunes cookies before? If so, tell us in the comments below. We always love to hear from our readers.


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