10+ Fortune Cookies That Are Hilarious And Sending You All Kind Of Mixed Messages

Everyone likes to sneak peak a cookie that promises to give life direction and wisdom.

They taste good but eating them is the least important part of your fortune cookie experience. Fortune cookies hold the answer to all of life’s expeditions. Fortune cookies are life. So, basically when people are opening a fortune cookie, they’re experiencing life!

And sometimes, the cookies have personality. You know what I mean. Sassy, funny, clever little tidbits of wisdom that you’ll remember all day! You might even share it online for others to enjoy.


1. Fortunes are a gamble.


2. Too good to be true.


3. What even?

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4. Ethically accidental.


5. More creativity needed.

6. Someone I know already.

7. Discovering oneself.


8. Believe it or not.

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9. Oblivious.


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