Twitter Can’t Stop Laughing At This Formal AF Text By An Overly Professional Weed Dealer

Running A Business Is Not Easy.

Especially if you are running a weed business. However, weed business can be quite successful if you are professional. You don’t find many professional weed dealers that are willing to send you formal text messages.

One weed dealer, however, is very professional with his clients. While the weed man remains anonymous, his client, twitter user @_Mandieeee, posted the text that his weed man had sent him.

This Text Will Leave You Quite Surprised.

This Man Knows How To Run A Business.


Twitter Is Understandably Surprised.

Great Customer Service Indeed!

As We Should.

Not Many People Do That.


And Rightfully So!


Even They Deserve A Break Once In A While.

He Would Probably Get 4-Stars On Yelp Reviews.

I Am Sure That Many People Will Need Weed-Man’s Number Now.

It Is Clear That A Little Courtesy Goes A Long Way.


What did you think of the weed-man’s courtesy? Were you just as impressed by his professionalism as we were? Comment on below and let us know.

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