19 Food Fuckups That Will Make Every British Person Wince

Some Food dishes are better just the way they are. Even a slight change messed it up and messed up food means ruined mood. Therefore, never mess with food.

Here are some food debacles that will make every British person wince, not once but twice or even multiple times.

1. Presenting the delicious assemblage of sausages, beans, and chips in a Dog Bowl.

2. “Biscuits and Gravy”; The killer

3. Things just get creepier with this combo

4. This might have gotten too far, unfortunately

5.  Probably an instruction to drink through this would do


6. Oh poor little cheese board

7. So many questions about this sausage on the train

8. Innovation or out of plates?

9. The Shepherd’s Pie transformation into a drink

10. The hula hoops failed attempt

11.  The night went by, and the poor take away food waited

12.  A real puzzling cereal arrangement

13. The disastrous chocolate year

14.  Oops! Sorry Chopping board

15.  No Corner in the Muller Corner? Weird


16. Who serves a welcome English breakfast in a threatening garden spade?

17.  Asparagus; the new daffodils of the era


18. Who said changing the toblerone design wouldn’t be useful

19. The Heart wrenching tragedy


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