This Food Blogger Asked For A Free Meal In Exchange Of ‘Exposure’, Got Brutally Dragged By Twitter

Social Media Has Taken Over Everyone’s Life.

Many people are earning significant money with the help of social media. While many of us might be confused as to how they earn money by living their exotic lifestyle; Social Media has become a livelihood for many. That doesn’t mean that you can get free shit by leveraging social media.

While it is another thing if the person actually has a platform, companies might give them free stuff to promote. If you don’t even have a platform, it is excruciatingly embarrassing for both parties. That is exactly the thing that happened to the gourmet Irish restaurant Campagne.

Gourmet Irish Restaurant Campagne Tweeted The Following Email From Someone Wanting A Free Meal For Giving Them ‘Exposure’.

In Short, Their Email Said The Following.

In exchange for a vegan meal or two (we would ideally like to try several items on the menu), we would be happy to provide significant online exposure on both our blogs and social media accounts.

Inclusion in our ‘Vegan guide to Ireland and/or N Ireland’ posts. (working title) with perma embedded links and photographs.

In many cases, we will also write a full separate review for your establishment.

Live tweeting, Facebook, Instagram as we visit your restaurant.

Sounds Like A Great Offer. At Least It Would Be, If They Actually Had Many Followers.


Twitter, However, Was Not Happy At All.

That Is Pretty Savage.

While Some Just Wanted To Pay For The Meal And Not Post On Social Media.


Even One Blogger Chimed In.

Some However, Wanted A Free Meal.

Twitter Users Were Very Specific As To What Meal They Wanted For Free.

We Don’t Blame Them At All.

I Mean The Food Looks Gorgeous.

While Others Were Just Straight To The Point.

What do you think about this whole scenario? Do you think it was right for the ‘bloggers’ to ask for a free meal or not?

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