These Incredible Photos Of Flying Dogs Will Definitely Make Your Day

“Is that a bird? Is that a plane? No, IT’S A FLYING DOG!”

Yes, you read that correctly. We are talking about flying dogs, but not literally flying dogs, because they’re basically just jumping off a trampoline and look like they are flying, but does that even matter? The point is we have amazing and adorable pictures of dogs in mid-air to share with you today. And all the credits go to the artist, Julia Christe, for coming up with this brilliant idea and then putting together these awesome pictures in a book!

The book is called “Flying Dogs,” and it features 120 dogs (every breed) jumping in the air with their silly/cute poses.

The following are a bunch of photos from the book. Scroll down and take a look!

Flying Dogs | Julia Christe | Instagram

#1 Surprised/terrified Doggy!

#2 English Bulldog in mid-air

#3 Flying Bulldog Mix

#4 Scared Weimaraner

#5 One big muscular boy!

#6 “Um, what am I doing in here?”

#7 Skydiving Woofer

#8 Stylish Poodle

#9 Poker face Doggo

#10 Goofy French Bulldog

#11 10/10 Photogenic Doggo

#12 Shih Tzu in the sky

#13 Happy Pomeranian

#14 Doggy in a free-fall

#15 Compressed fluffer

#16 Derpy face Siberian Husky

#17 “Why did you do this to me, hooman?”

#18 Messy Doggo

#19 Bending in the air (Air Bending)

#20 And finally, a small disco dancing airborne Münsterländer

That’s all we have for now folks. But, if you enjoyed it like pretty much every single other person then don’t worry because there are about 100 more such incredible and adorable pictures. And all these combined 120 pictures can be found in the book “Flying Dogs” by Julia Christe. So, hurry up and get yourself one!

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