Artist Made A Flow Chart Of ”What Happens To Your Opinion About A News” & It’s Hilariously Accurate

How many times have we seen crappy things going viral?

You just sit and wonder how something like that could go viral. Anything can go viral in today’s world because people love something they can gossip about at lunch, dinner, or any gathering. Even if its crap, people can’t hold themselves back and sadly the media knows it! One guy discovers something, and the media feeds on it while making it famous. Be it social media or news channels, they crave for it.

Somebody made a comic about it and it’s hilariously true!

One guy discovers it while the media feeds on it.

Of course, we know the secret ingredients of making something famous out of nothing, just lie and people will believe it.


Now the process of making it viral has started. So people are given something to gossip about.


What comes around, goes around.

Source – Comics by 

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