Texts Between Brothers During Florida High School Shooting Are Gut Wrenching And Terrifying

Can you imagine not knowing whether your brother is alright or not?

I mean that sounds like the most terrifying thing ever. Well, lots of kids experienced that on the 14th of Feb when a gunman was storming the halls of Marjory Stonemason Douglas High School in Parkland.

The following story is one of those sad instances. You see, when all of this was happening Sam, 18 and Matthew, 14 were texting each other the entire time to know if the other person was okay.

Following is what they were texting each other.

Via Sam Zeif

They would understandably be quite scared by now.

Via Sam Zeif

Constantly asking the other one.

Via Sam Zeif

Thankfully, both brothers made it out safely.

Via Sam Zeif


And both of them admit that this terrifying experience has brought them closer.

Scariest part of it all was knowing my little brother was right above me and not knowing if I would ever see him again.

I’ve never really treated him the way he deserved. Not anymore. Seeing his face outside of school was the most relief I had ever felt.

My prayers to all.

-Sam Zeif

Sam also thanked others for sending their well-wishes.

And that’ll he’ll worry every day for his little brother who is in the 6th grade.

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