22 floral crowns for people who love Disney more than anything else

#1 Who doesn’t love Disney?

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Most of us love to Disney-fy everything. Because, to be honest, whatsWho doesn’t like to add a bit of princess sparkle to their everyday clothes.? These Etsy shop owners had the same idea. Some us might not be able to go to Disney, what’s stopping us from wearing Disney-inspired Mickey ears?


#2 There are loads of people getting into the Mickey Ears business.

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#3 Every Disney kid needs this.

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#4 You get the advantage of wearing a flower crown and Mickey ears in one.

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#5 Everyone wants to feel like Rapunzel at least once.

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#6 Maybe your dream is to feel like Tinker Bell.

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#7 Maybe you want some Razzle-Dazzle?

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#8 This one’s not that fancy, but it’s so cute!

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#9 Always dreamed of looking glow-tastic?

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#10 Moreover, I’m pretty sure we all dreamed of becoming a Unicorn once.

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#11 Where my Holo-Kitties at?

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#12 Maybe you want to show your villainous side?

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#13 You will look like the cutest Cruella De Vil.

Via TinksTreasEars


#14 I’m pretty sure that Ursula was not this beautiful.

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#15 We even have something for wicked people.

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#16 I’ll chop off your head if you dislike this.

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#17 We are ready for Halloween, are you?

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#18 You want more spooky?

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#19 Maybe you hated all of the above, so you might fall in love with this one.

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#20 Just embrace the dark side, it’s your only way out.

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#21 We’ve got something for everyone, Even Maleficent lovers.

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#22 Even something for the sea lovers.

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This is just the tip of the iceberg from the Disney filled Etsy. So if you were scouring the Internet looking for the perfect headpiece that goes with your Halloween costume, or just want a fun accessory, these Mickey ears have got you covered.

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