Flat Earth Society Group Approved This Guy’s Post But There’s A Huge Twist They Didn’t See Coming

Time and time again, people have been explained that the Earth is not flat.

Sure, it has flat plains, and plateaus, and other flat regions, but the Earth as a whole? It’s spherical. Not perfectly spherical either, just approximately. It’s bulbous, and one hemisphere is larger than the other, but even so.

Now, I like a good conspiracy theory. I like the thought that goes into it, but Flat Earth is just lazy. As Elon Musk said, “Where’s Flat Mars Society?!”

Apparently, to Flat Earthers, seeing is believing. Only seeing. Imagine if I told them that half of science is based on things we can’t directly see. And I’m not the only one frustrated by them, most of the internet is too. And they go out of their way to troll and mess with the Society in ways that are just too good not to share. Consider Eric, for example.

Source: Twitter

He got through to the Official Flat Earth & Globe Discussion group on Facebook.

Which isn’t just a success on its own, but what he did is even more so. He made a post, a seemingly normal and proper post that fit the Flat Earthers narrative, but it was more than what meets the eye.

The comments alone were hilarious to read.

I mean look at them!

“No funny chemical clouds”? What is he even talking about?! And there are even people saying that this flat line existed because of photoshop, not because the Earth is too large for 50 miles to make a difference.

The real kicker?

It’s a Player Unknown: Battleground screengrab

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