This Guy Uses Fish Fillets To Falsely Demonstrate How Vaginas Work, Gets Brutally Crucified

Vaginas are not the same as fish.

No matter how much you want them to be. And I am not saying this because I want to but because this guy apparently thinks that fish and vaginas act the same way. He thinks that after having sex more than two times, a woman’s vagina widens.

If that were true, after having a kid, every woman would have a gaping hole where a vagina is supposed to be. After this stupidity, he goes on to say that women should stay virgins so they can ‘gift’ their virginity to their husbands.

Yes, he really did say that. Because obviously, every guy gifts their own virginity to their wives too, right? Oh wait, does this rule only apply to a woman? I wonder why?

This is the original post.


Dear women

God made virgins for husbands not boyfriends. Keeping your virginity till marriage is the best gift you can give to a husband.

A Virgin is more likely to have a TIGHTER connection with her husband than a LOOSE woman who has had multiple sexual partners.

I have no idea how to even start with this post. I mean, he basically said that women are made for having sex with their husbands. Right, that makes a lot of sense. Because last time I checked, we were filed under property.

Thankfully though, there was someone who was there to teach him everything.

I’m glad there is someone who is talking some sense into this guy.

So what did we learn today? A lot of sex doesn’t indeed loosen the vagina. Who knew, right?

There were many more users ready to put him in his place.

Many were concerned about the reason that he f*cked a fish.

With a mouth like his, no wonder he only gets to f*ck fish.


He should probably leave Twitter now.

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