Artist Illustrates The Fine Line Between Sweet And Creepy & The Results Are Too Real

In any relationship, communication is the key. However, when it comes to social interaction, there is a very fine line between sweet and creepy.

So how do you know where the line is?

Scroll down for some illustrations by Shea Strauss that’ll guide you:

1. It’s not always overwhelming to feel a connection.

2. Our song is the slamming screen door.

3. Making a bun out of fallen hair strands is creepy on so many levels.

4. Calling yourself daddy if you’re not an actual dad – not cool.

5. Sweet Vs Creepy.


7. It’s not very polite to ask someone about their relationship.

It’s totally appropriate if your best friend asks you about your relationship status. But, it’ll count as hella creepy if a random person crosses that line. Even more creepy is saying goodbye to the dead with cake and balloons! Let that sink in well.

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