This Blog Features Final Texts People Got From Their Loved Ones & It’s Eerie And Heartbreaking

It’s never easy hearing goodbye from a loved one.

And, it’s a million times worse when you don’t even get a chance to talk to them for the last time. But this is a part of life, and it’s in no ones control. And we have something similar to share with you today.

A tumblr “The Last Message Received” has compiled stories of people sharing their “last text messages” with the loved ones. These messages summarize the whole relationship using just a few words. The submissions contain text messages from ex-friends, ex-partners, relatives, and many others. Some of these texts teach a lesson, while the others are really hard and painful to read, but as a whole, they all send out a very powerful message to everyone.

Scroll down and see for yourself!


1. A psychopath from OKcupid.

“Next time I see you I’m gonna beat your skull into your brain”

From a guy I met on OKcupid in February of last year. We dated for a while and there were all sorts of red flags I ignored. He was really controlling and verbally abusive. Once we agreed to just be friends, it only made it worse. He constantly wanted me I be around him instead of studying and working on my school work. He accused me of sleeping with every person I met and constantly told me how stupid I was. I eventually had enough of his toxicity and told him I didn’t want to be his friend anymore. He proceeded to harass me and send me threatening texts. I got the university we both attended involved and he got suspended for 5 years. I had to get a protective order against him because I was afraid he was just gonna show up at school one day. He tried to get one against me, painted me as a crazy ex making it all up for attention. I still have nightmares about him and I think I’ve seen him driving near the university a few times, but I’m not 100% sure so I can’t report it. There are a few people I know that make me feel like I deserved it for staying his friend. I used to expect the best from people, but now I don’t trust anyone.


2. “Don’t waste a second on people who don’t deserve you.”


He took me out on a date and the next day I received a text from his girlfriend. He sent me this 6 months later. Never felt so liberated in my life. By passing on him, I was in the right place at the right time to meet my future husband. We get married next year! Don’t waste one second on people who don’t deserve you, you are worth so much more. You deserve to be loved as deeply as you give love!!

3. It’s worse than a goodbye.


Then she never spoke to me again. She was sick, she fell of the face of the earth when things got hard once before. When she stopped responding to my calls and texts, I expected the worst. But once I realized I had been blocked on all social means I knew that this time she wasn’t coming back. This last message was on my birthday and I still wonder if sending the last message on that day was purposeful.

4. A priceless gift.


By the time we found out my grandmother had cancer she had kept it a secret for too long. The doctors no longer knew where it originated from, but it had taken over her whole body. She passed away in 2011. In 2014 when I graduated from college, my grandfather gave me a hallmark graduation card that he had found in the troves of stockpiled empty cards my grandmother used to collect for different life events. On the inside cover was this quote written in my grandmother’s handwriting. Her graduation present to me three years after her passing. I sobbed instantly.

5. This is heartbreaking.


My mom was in the hospice care because she had major surgery. That night I was upset with her because we’d gotten in a fight over the phone. Those texts were the last texts I’d ever received from her (the green messages are actually hers. This is her old phone.) and I feel like the luckiest person because my mom got to know how much I loved her.

6. “I will love and miss you always.”


My good friend’s dad died around Thanksgiving. Two weeks later he drank himself to death.

7. A chat that ended in laughter.


This is the last text I got from my mom before she died of Stage IV brain cancer at the age of 53. It left her completely paralyzed on the left side of her body, hence the typos in the texts. What she was saying was, “You’re missing ‘music therapy.’ Almost as good as Good Friday church giggles.” A few years prior to this, we went to the Good Friday service at our church. The choir was absolutely horrendous and couldn’t sing whatsoever. She and I sat there, in the most serious, somber church service of all, laughing hysterically, unable to stop for the life of us. She sent me this text while she was in hospice and I was at school. They give the patients there “music therapy,” which is basically just code for weird New Age people with singing bowls. She knew I’d laugh at that. At the time she sent me this, her brain had been rapidly fading. This was on September 4th, and she died on September 25th. She never lost her crazy sense of humor, even during the end. This is probably the best last text I could’ve ever gotten.

8. Life is unfair.

I had only met him hours before, but I cared about him so much. Somebody had been giving out his information on a website, so I messaged him.“Hi, you don’t know me but someone is spreading your number around.” or something to that effect. Then he filled me in; how, after a few months of an internet relationship forged in paradise, he sent his boyfriend pictures of himself naked. How his “boyfriend” wasn’t really a boy at all. How he used those pictures to torment and enslave him – going so far as to dictate what he ate, where he went, who he spoke to, all from miles away. I messaged the man who had been exploiting him, posing as a thirteen year old girl interested in him. He said, “Would you like me to make you one of my slaves?” I replied, “What do you mean?” and he proceeded to explain to me that he had tens of young children whom he controlled. Then, he said, “In fact, I’m beginning to build a website for one of them. When I get bored of him, I’m going to release it to the public and destroy his life.”

He was talking about my friend.

Obviously I couldn’t keep something like that from him, and told him what the man had said. He freaked out, and I spent while trying to calm him down. He had threatened to kill himself, right there and then, and had even searched how many pills he needed to digest for it to work. He would rather end it all than live through the humiliation. I talked to him some more, and eventually I felt as if he were a lot more stable. Then he sent the message. Told me he was just going to have a nap and cool himself down. I was so fucking stupid. I could’ve stopped him, called the police, anything. But I didn’t.

He never said anything after that, and a few days later through frantic searching of what little information I had known about him, I found a news article with a picture of his face.

“Teen, 16, commits suicide.” The title alone was too much for me, and I slammed the laptop screen down without reading another word. I could’ve done so much more for him.

9. An addiction that ruined many lives.


My big sister was an addict. She used a combination of meth and heroin because she could never do anything half-assed. Before she died, she had been running from justice with her boyfriend, whom she met in jail. She ruined him. She ruined her husband. She ruined her three little boys. She ruined me. She died in July when the man-on-meth in the driver’s seat fell asleep. I’ll never forget the sight of her empty skull cavity. It will haunt me for the rest of my life. Sometimes I wish she had never existed, just to save my nephews this pain. But, like I said, she never did anything half-assed and that would just be too easy.

10. The hardest thing in life to accept.


My dad died 6 weeks later flying the plane in this picture.

And that was that. Life is indeed unfair and unexpected, but this is something we’ve no control over.

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