Artist Illustrates The Final Season Of GoT With An Ending Better Than Actual Show

The last episode of GOT left many disappointed.

(Spoiler Alert) Now, I don’t want to discredit the work the writers, directors, and everyone else put into the show, but if I am honest, the last few episodes just took the cake. While the previous two seasons have seemed a bit rushed, the ending was not at all what fans expected.

I get that it’s sometimes good to turn away from expectations, but the ending to our favorite show made the characters that we love into something entirely different. So many people have decided to write or illustrate an alternative end to GOT.

While we may never be able to get this on TV, we can pretend that this is what really happened. So scroll on below and take a look at what happens if Daenerys lives.

Source: benjamindewey

I honestly didn’t like that Brienne of Tarth only got a scene where she wrote about Jaime in the last episode.

That would actually be a lot more epic.

At least Bran would be useful other than being crowned king for doing nothing.

If Night King won, that might have been a better ending than what we got.

Sansa letting go of her petty grievances? Never!

But that kinda did happen no?

I mean if Arya wanted, she could have just taken the face of anyone.

And maybe Tyrion could have finally shown that he might be actually intelligent.

Even Cersei has a soft spot for cats.

What are your thoughts about the ending of GOT? Do you want the last season to be remade? If so, comment down below and let us know.

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