The Fifty Shades Of Grey Spinoff You Need To Read

Fifty Shades of Grey was an international hit, outselling even Harry Potter. It was a romance book, with a lot of adult content, and most people read it thinking it was “hot and heavy”. It’s fairly timid compared to what you can find on the internet, and I’ve seen smears of ketchup with better plot and writing than that.

The Fifty Shades series are poorly written, and feel more like fanfiction someone cooked up in their basement than a novel now turned into a movie.

Many of us that enjoy reading were relatively irritated, myself included, because it does not deserve the infamy that it got. It is, however, somewhat forgivable given that it became the butt of many jokes and parodies all across the internet.

My current favourite would have to be The 50 Nerds Of Grey twitter account that posted tweets of quotes from the 50 Shades books, but with a slight, hilarious twist.

Regarding safewords

About chains

Liking it rough

Playing doctor

Finding the right position

Which Potter house he belonged to

His understandable attraction to Harry Potter

About taking some risks

Doing something he wouldn’t dare

Stan Lee’s cameo

Regarding punishment

Straight up torture

Making it harder

Solving problems

About Twitter’s 140 character limit

About public misdemeanor

An atrocious eating habit

Smacking as hard as he can

Playing a little Monopoly can always set the mood

A little guidance always helps.

I guess you could say it was very qwert

 Did you try turning it off and on again?

Playing a little game

That unfortunate buyer’s remorse

Picking positions on top or on the bottom

About the pain he could inflict on her

An absolutely severe punishment no one deserves


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