18 Things That Were The Fidget Spinner Of The 2000s

Fidget spinners are out of control.

Almost every kid in America has one. Made for people with ADHD, autism or anxiety, this handy tool keeps your attention focused and gives you an outlet for your fidgets. However, we didn’t always have spinners. Back in the 2000s, we had a whole different array of toys. Ranging from Tech-Decks to Tamagotchis, here are the decade old fidget spinners.

#1 The finger skateboards

@dankfalafel / Via instagram.com

#2 The virtual pet that needs to be fed at all times

@calei2_copio / Via instagram.com

#3 Those weird as hell Scoobie strings that you created bracelets out of

@taleahaylarh_x / Via instagram.com

#4 Gotta catch ’em all!

@django_retroman / Via instagram.com

#5 The bracelets that left a serious stain

@shadestarhemp / Via instagram.com

#6 The ruler that masqueraded as your bracelet. Keep playing with it until you snapped it too hard and it broke.

@fernup4lyfe / Via instagram.com

#7 The practice handjobs

@leavealegacy6 / Via instagram.com

#8 The original fidget spinners

@lukespi_95 / Via instagram.com

#9 The Pixel Chix chick that was needier than a five-year-old in a candy store.

Via gumtree.com.au

#10 The Bakugan Battle Brawlers

Via youtube.com

#11 The Pokemon cards no one really knew how to play with but everyone collected.

@thehutchinator / Via instagram.com

#12 Gogo’s Crazy Bones that existed for the sake of existing. That’s it.

@justmikethatsme / Via instagram.com

#13 Press the buttons to bubble. Use the bubbles to fit rings into spikes.  No one remembered buying them, but everyone had one.

Via au.pinterest.com

#14 Mighty Beanz that you collected simply because they made a funny noise if you let them roll down.

@nickliebhauser / Via instagram.com

#15 The pointlessly animal shaped rubber bands you used as bracelets.

@joeykingactress / Via instagram.com

#16 The one origami creation everyone knew and could predict everything.

@carrie_mudd / Via instagram.com

#17 The multi-colour pen that everyone tried to get all the colours in at once.

Via au.pinterest.com

#18 And the one school trick that got you all the attention you wanted… Using a pen as a spinner.


@_krystapper / Via instagram.com


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