10+ People Shared What Fictional Characters Turned Them On As A Child & It’s Hilariously Awkward

Everyone’s sexual journey starts from Disney.

Don’t you even try to deny it. While Disney might be ‘family-friendly‘, it doesn’t mean they don’t have sexy characters. In reality, most people get their sexual awakening from Disney. So it’s no surprise that these fictional characters would turn people on.

I mean, come on! Who wasn’t turned on by Jessica Rabbit? The people over at /r/askreddit know what I’m talking about. So, following are the characters that made our little minds question everything.

#1 Chick from Road to El Dorada.

Via Silent_Samp

#2 Jareth, The Goblin King.

Via ScreamingDeerSoul

#3 Sabrina, The teenage witch.

Via McDie88

#4 Catwoman.

Via Bmac1977

#5 Legolas.

Via shogunrua91

#6 Topanga.

Via undoneian

#7 Ty Lee.


#8 Marie.

Via 15rthughes

#9 Hermoine Granger.

Via heyheyitsandre

#10 Aragorn.

Via madamefraser

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