This Feud Between A Makeup YouTuber And The “It” Cast Got Really Dirty On Twitter

Are You Ready For Some Drama?

I don’t know about you, but I live for drama. There is just something so entertaining about other people roasting each other and then apologizing and so on. You love it too. Don’t try to deny it.

The newest drama that has become legendary is between a Youtuber James Charles and the kid actors from ‘It’.

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This Whole Fiasco Started When James Charles Went To See ‘It’.

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He Apparently Didn’t Like The Movie.

Via superfame
Via superfame

He Did Delete His Tweet. However, He Had To Explain As To Why He Hated The Movie.

Everyone Has Their Opinion.

However, One Of The Actors From ‘It’ Finn Wolfhard Called Him Out On Something Else Entirely.

He Didn’t Seem To Mind Though.

Then He Tried To Walk Back On His Comments.

Then He Recorded The Following Apology Video From The Backseat Of An Uber.

People, However, Were Not Letting Go of The Fact That He Was Using His Phone In The Theater.

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He Just Wanted To Move On.

To Top It All Off, He Released A Makeup Tutorial To Create The Pennywise Look Close To Halloween.


James Actually Knew What He Was Starting Though.


The Actor Who Plays Stanley Wyatt Olef Sub-tweeted The Youtuber.

He Tweeted The Following Right After.

This Got The Movie Fans Even Angrier. However, Another Youtuber Shane Dawson Urged James Not Tp Make Another Apology Video.

Wyatt Then Explained That It Was Only A ‘Joke’.

James, However, Was Not Going To Let It Go.

Wyatt Did Apologize For That Though.

Then He Sent Out This Tweet To His Fans To Calm Down.

It Seemed Like It Was All Well And Good.

The Actor Might Have Been Confused As To Why He Called Him Sister (Many Gay Guys Frequently Use The Word Sister) So He Corrected Him.

James Replied Again With His ‘It’ Themed Joke.

To Which Nicholas Hamilton Replied. It Seemed Like he Was Tired Of All The Drama.

So That Is Where We Are. Wonder Where This Will Go.

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