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Female Reporter Groped Multiple Times While Reporting On Women Getting Assaulted At Coachella

Female Reporter Groped Multiple Times While Reporting On Women Getting Assaulted At Coachella

Sexual harassment has been a rampant problem this year, especially at music festivals.

People usually attend music festivals to let themselves loose of all their worries and to chill a little. However, it wasn’t just dozing off on a hill and listening to your favorite music. The idea of enjoying and relaxing at music festivals is majorly obscured by perverted men, who don’t know how to maintain civility around women.

This year, teen vogue sent reporters to Coachella, for covering the music festival. However, the one thing which evidently overshadowed the booze and music was the pervasive culture of harassment. While it’s never fun to talk about sexual harassment, women have been quiet for far too long. Women deserve to feel safe. Therefore, it’s incredibly crucial to keep this conversation at the forefront.

The reporter Vera Papisova interviewed 54 women about their experience at Coachella, and they told her that they’d all been groped, harassed and aggressively assaulted at the festival.

Papisova herself was groped 22 times at the festival, during the day of the report.

Papisova’s report persuaded a lot of women to come forward with their horrific experiences of sexual assault at festivals.

Sadly, sexual harassment at festivals is rampant.

The report sparked a debate about how men can intervene and hold other men accountable. Whereas, women are obligated to helping each other out.

The stories kept coming in.

The rampancy of sexual harassment and rape culture can only be put to a stop if women start speaking up about their rights to protection. Have you ever been in a situation as disgruntling as this? Let us know in the comments below.

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