Guy Claimed Female Orgasm Is A Myth So The Internet Roasted Him Like A Thanksgiving Turkey

There are all kinds of people on earth. Some are so stupid that it leaves us wondering if they have an actual brain up there. A few days ago Twitter user Parker Molloy shared a Facebook post from a man named Kyle.

Kyle is that special breed of men who think that women don’t orgasm. And his logic – women don’t ejaculate the same way as men do.

However, the sad part about this is not that Kyle doubts the existence of female orgasms. But, the fact that he inadvertently told everyone that he’s never been able to make a woman orgasm.


Are you for real Kyle?

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Luckily for us, the internet was there to help the misguided d-bag. However, the advice Kyle received wasn’t exactly very stellar!


The number of likes and retweets the original post racked up ended up with more impressions than the population of Portland. Jane the Virgin’s got nothing on Kyle! Since last Saturday, it has become the first result on Google when you type the words “Kyle” and “orgasm.”


And it kept getting more brutal.

Oh, Kyle.

Somebody call 9 11.

Silly Kyle.



Kyle just seems to be more misguided than ever now! Where does all this fall in the chronology of things?


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