10+ Posts About Female Body That Are Little Too Real For Everyone With A Vagina

Female body is a mysterious thing.

The Internet has info on everything but that doesn’t make being a female any easier. I mean come on! We bleed from our uterus every freaking month! Who’s bright idea was that?

I want a refund!

While we don’t have an award for that, we do have a list of little things that anyone with a vagina will find relatable as hell. So scroll on below and take a look. There’s a lot of period talk for those uncomfortable with it!

#1 Boobs are distracting. Okay!?

Via Flo Perry

#2 When you try a new period product.

Via tumblr

#3 Who holds their tampon like this?

Via Crystal Ro

#4 When you realize that you’re not pregnant.

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#5 I have no words.

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#6 ‘What do periods feel like?’

Via youtube

#7 When you pee and blood comes gushing out.

Via Walt Disney Pictures

#8 The moment you have all the symptoms but no periods.

Via Crystal Ro

#9 These things that are supposed to go in ‘easily’.

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#10 When you stop taking the pill.

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