This Woman Inspired A Dialogue About Agreeing With Men’s Compliments And People Are Nodding

What’s your routine for getting a date?

Just go to a random profile, and hit on them? Well, despite how creepy that is, there’s a lot of people who do just that. Recently, renowned author, full-time social worker and activist Feminista Jones,  ran a little social experiment.

Feminista Jones

She came to the realization that people often get bent out of shape when you agree with the compliment they give you. Like, they just get into your DMs, and go “Hey, girl, nice -insert body part here-” they expect you to blush and gush and disagree. But when you say something along the lines of “Thank you, I think so too,” they get so livid.

It all started with a tweet

Twitter | @FeministaJones

Women who have had to go through this started sharing stories about it. And I must say, it’s pretty amusing to watch people backtrack so quickly. Like this person, who complimented her body, and immediately retracted their statement and suggested they hit the gym instead.

Twitter | @afrawlmiau

Of course, Jones went ahead to elaborate exactly what she meant.

Twitter | @FeministaJones
Twitter | @FeministaJones

“It’s not a new idea, but in my own experience when [a person] complimented me and I say, ‘I agree,’ they get upset,” Jones said. “It’s the idea that they bestow the compliment on you, and you’re not supposed to be aware of it.”

And more and more people came through with ideas, like this girl who screenshotted an old but relevant Tinder chat.

Twitter | @girls0nfilm
Twitter | @FeministaJones

In case you’re having trouble imagining their faces…

Twitter | @MarvWasHere



Twitter | @cokeeler

“We have a culture that says it’s ‘rude’ — we obligate people to be appreciative of a compliment,” Jones added.

And just in case you thought it was only guys that did it…

It seems that people, in general, expect their compliments to be received with a shy, blushy “Oh, no, you don’t mean that.”

After all, how dare you accept that you’re an attractive human being. You don’t need anyone else’s validation, people, you’re great just the way you are!

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